MAKOInvent talks Distribution with TUTSWVET Tissue Mist




For any new product, getting into the hands of potential customers is a complex and confusing endeavor.  TUTSWVET Tissue Mist has been fortunate enough to hook up with The Tate Group to entice the retailer crowd cruising events like The Toronto Gift Fair or the Alberta Gift Fair for interesting new items to showcase in their stores.  We have been working with MAKOInvent on sales strategy and James Chalmers talks about distribution and how they set up their clients for sales success.  Check out his blog posts regarding TUTSWVET and the quest for meaningful distribution.

Us & it Hikes takes TUTSWVET on the Pacific Crest Trail

Beth and Jamieson took TUTSWVET Tissue Mist with them on a five month adventure along the Pacific Crest Trail.  This is what they said.

“Every hiker knows that the two most common ways to ruin your adventure are blisters and monkey butt. Tutswvet is an all natural, Canadian made mist that effectively turns dry scratchy toilet paper into a cleaner, more refreshing and hygienic experience.  A more effective wipe means more chafe free miles on the trail and fewer squares used, resulting in less messy trash that needs to be dealt with accordingly. Our bums are ecstatic to have Tut Swvet as a trail sponsor.”

Follow their journey at USanditHikes.comUSanditHIKES logo

TUTSWVET Tissue Mist: The Titanic new product looks to turn the tables on ‘Fatberg’



This was the tipping point.  Before ‘Fatberg‘, flushable wet wipes were slowly worming their way underground, unnoticed.  Unfortunately, this was a case of ‘too much of a good thing’.  When the sewer system of London eventually collided with this 15 tonne congealed blob of wet wipe and grease sewer throughput dropped to a meagre 5% and many local residents could not flush their toilets.  Hear more from Nick Reid of the Ontario Clean Water Agency as he describes issues of clogging in Ontario and comments on the infamous ‘Fatberg’ found in London.



The first blog post celebrates the birth of the TUTSWVET Blog.

Happy Birthday.


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